Pancake day (phone fixed itself btw)

I’ve eaten waaaaay too many pancakes today >.< mostly with chocolate spread on since I reckon the chocolate spread ones taste nicer than the strawberry jam ones. Also, I tried to buy a cheap pasta pot from Lidl but they didn’t have sporks in them :O. Why didn’t they have sporks???

Tried calling you but you didn’t answer the phone btw, I went round Olivia’s today n we a chat 🙂 whilst doing a lil English (stress on lil here). Twas good fun.

Oh, here’s the dance version of ‘Gee’ 😀 maaaaan they look so cute. If we learn that dance, then I bet all the oppas will be after us HAHAHAHHAHAAAAA (jk). Or Ahjusshis lol.

Btw, check out the girl’s legs at 1:31! Ah they look hot. (if anyone else is reading this, I am not a lesbian. I just find it fine to comment on another girl’s anatomy ;P).

credit: gianbok@youtube for video and allkpop



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Broke my iPhone!!!

I BROKE MY IPHONE!!! Shiiiiiit, yes that one that cost me £270 and was 15months into an 18month contract ^^;; dammit I’m so totally devastated atm. That’s my life source that’s gone now 😦 my phone AND my ipod. Poop. Well at least it lasted far longer than all my other phones…

I dropped it down the toilet… it’s pretty much completely screwed. I tried drying it with a hairdryer and then recharging it, but then I read something on the internet telling me that you should dry cos’ the water gets blown into the little cracks and recharging is the worst thing you can do XD lol. Ah well nvm. I’ll go and see whether I can get it fixed, if not… then I dno, I’ll think of something.

So, what to do now? I’m off school btw (if you hadn’t notice) cos’ I didn’t wake up in time in the morning cos’ my alarm didn’t go of cos’ MY PHONE BROKE!!! Eurgh. I’m not really complaining though 😛 enjoy snacks in add maths without me.

Hey, did you know it’s pancake tuesday today? I should go out and buy some pancakes.

Ooo yea, I found out that you can add users to your blog, so I made an account for myself so that people can differentiate between us without us sounding like Gossip Girl wannabes (your words. Plus, we’re far cooler than Blaire and Serena, though they are really hot.)


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Request (if ANYONE finds our blog)

So first request is for anyone who may have lived/been to Beijing or Kuala Lumpur.

We’re going there for the summer and have a list of the famous sites nd shizz but any extra insight would be nice. Like a place that is beautiful but not well known. If you get my jist. Any place near those cities and easy to get to is good too XD

Next request is: Has anyone heard of Soulstar? If so, have you heard their song ‘I’ll Forget (You)’? If so, do u have any idea where i might be able to find the lyrics? That would be most appreciated.

(Yes S,  i do feel like a right plonker since this is kind of like talking to no one. I would jump with joy at ANY reply lol)

E xxx

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E’s Reply to S’s ‘2 Cents’

Okay, yes i remember u (S) practically lunging at the screen, rendered incapable of speech once u saw the ad of a new PV and how u basically said ‘u know where the door is’ when i had to go, ultimately implying u choose DBSK over me since i’ve been in and out ur door like a THOUSAND times (tho i dont blame you).

rightio, first of all, yes they did look hot as always, of course junsu was SUPER hot but tbh, they could make a PV of just a close up of his face and i would be happy.  i like the song, though i agree its not up there with their best ones, but about the PV itself; After watching the whole thing (which i only just managed nd i hope u only watched it like 5 times tops), it gave me a bit of a headache. too much movement and cutting nd weird lighting nd i quite liked the dance though it did have some quirky moments like the whole ‘lets all do the dinasour’ moment. but u know how i like the dancing nd it didn’t let me watch much of that.

anyways, need to ask u about wednesday so remind me about tht tomorrow if i see u before then. btw, i talked to my bro about what we were talking about while making fried rice and… boy, was that awkward. lol slightly helpful tho.

E xxx

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DBSK Survivor PV OUT!

S here :D!

Just found out that the DBSK Survivor PV is out 🙂 and rushed here to share it all (in case someone stumbled onto this site :P). When I found out that the PV was out, E was on the computer and I was so excited that I couldn’t anything apart from go ‘ah, ah, ah!!!’ and slap the computer LOL.

I saw that loads of people were complaining about how it’s crap n that (cheap MV, lame song or something) but here’s my two cents on it :).

I actually really like it… I think they all look hot, especially Junsu during the first close up of him and the tune seems catchy and leaves me feeling all warm n pumped up. Though, I don’t think it cuts it anywhere close to their better stuff though, but still good. Jaejoong’s hair looks  HOT and I love how Changmin has more parts, the boy is getting so amazing confident and sexy recently XD.  I’m not too keen on the choreography, though it does have somewhat of a quirky charm but it doesn’t seem like much of a dance and at times, their timing in the PV is waaay too off sync :/. Overall, a 8/10 for the song for me.

Of course we know this song will be going up against KAT-TUN when it’s released… for me, I think that KAT-TUN will get the #1 spot ^^;; as Survivor is great but not AMAZING and KAT-TUN are really big in Japan and their new single ‘rescue’ sounds really catchy although I’ve only heard LQ versions.

What do you guys think?

English subbed version:

Credits to: kenoa83

Oh, here’s an explanation of the PV (credits to kenoa83 again. I totally just copied n pasted it XD):

-in Black: they represent the people
-in White: they represent the power, also Big Brother control
-the message: Unify the world in One

But at the end the people steal the power, it’s a revolution.

If you’re cool enough, leave a comment ;P



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We’re gonna start uploading now. we were gonna do polls and shizz but we feel a bit sad since we don’t think anyone’s actually gonna check this out or use the polls. Since TBH, we didn’t even know that u cud get blogs through PopSeoul.

N: S is doing art HW now WHEY!! we’re listening to DBSK.

E xxx

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